YouthTruth is a student perception survey, developed by the Center for Effective Philanthropy with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Since then, YouthTruth has expanded to hundreds of schools, with over 365,000 students surveyed in grades 3–12 across 33 states and four countries.

Stanford University’s John W. Gardner Center has found that students’ motivational beliefs are closely related to their achievement. Classroom practices that encourage effort and understanding and create a caring learning environment will improve student motivation.

With students’ perceptions empirically linked to academic performance and teacher quality, recent evidence suggests that student feedback should be a critical component of school improvement and teacher evaluation initiatives.

Students in Grades 3-4, take the YouthTruth survey

Students in Grades 5-8, take the YouthTruth survey

Students in Grades 9-12, take the YouthTruth survey