Special Education

Special EducationWorking in collaboration with resident school districts and other agencies or districts, Community of Peace Academy provides or arranges for comprehensive special education services for all eligible students. It is the responsibility and the goal of Community of Peace Academy to ensure appropriate placement and services in order that each child’s special needs are met.

Community of Peace Academy has adopted a Five-Phase, School-Wide Support Model that consists of (1) early identification, (2) intervention planning and implementation, (3) referral for special education consideration, (4) special education evaluation, and (5) eligibility determination.

A team of special education professionals provides special education and related services to eligible students at Community of Peace Academy. In order to meet the needs of students who require more involved and intensive services, Community of Peace Academy partners with resident school districts, other agencies or districts, and the family to identify appropriate programs and place students into them.

If you have questions about special education programming at Community of Peace Academy, please contact Bryan Farkas, Special Education Coordinator at 651-280-4602, or bryan.farkas@cpapk12.org.


CPA Total Special Education Manual

CPA Restrictive Procedures Plan