TRIO Educational Talent Search is a college preparatory program funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s TRIO Programs with St. Olaf College sponsorship. St. Olaf ETS is an early intervention program that has been working with CPA high school students since 2014. Through CPA’s partnership with St. Olaf ETS, students are paired with a college mentor, visit college campuses, and complete volunteer work. The goal of ETS is to increase the likelihood that participants complete high school, gain admission to postsecondary programs, learn about financial aid, and re-enter secondary and postsecondary educational programs.

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College Possible

College Possible Minnesota is a program focused on coaching low-income students to and through college. Participating students explore college options, learn about and apply for financial aid and scholarships, prepare for college entrance exams, and learn habits that will help them succeed in college.

U of MN–Twin Cities: College in the Schools

The University of Minnesota College in the Schools (CIS) program provides free professional development to qualified high school teachers, training them to teach University of Minnesota courses within their own high schools. Several CIS classes are offered at Community of Peace Academy, providing high school students with an opportunity to earn free college credits in an environment they are familiar with. Students gain comfort with the rigors of college coursework and enter college knowing they can succeed.

Every Meal

Every Meal is a program that provides free weekend meal bags for interested students and families. This program is open to anyone who would like to participate. Families that were enrolled in the program at the end of the school year will automatically be registered for the program again the following fall. Families can join or unenroll in the program at any time by contacting a member of the CPA social work team. Learn more about the program by visiting the Every Meal website