School Bus Transportation

Community of Peace Academy provides free school bus transportation to and from school for all students who live within the city limits of St. Paul, and who are not within walking distance of the school.  CPA has contracted with 4Mativ Transportation to provide school bus service.  

If your address changes, please contact the CPA office at 651-776-5151. All other questions related to transportation should be directed to the Transportation Hotline at 651-478-2482. 


Morning Carpool: If you drop your students off at CPA in the morning before 7:55am, please drop them off at Door E on Jessamine Avenue. It may seem more convenient to drop children off on Magnolia, but we need to keep that street clear for buses until 7:55am. Thank you for your cooperation.

Afternoon Carpool: Please park on Burr Street and enter at Door J. Students will exit our of Door J. Students will no longer exit our of Door A on Magnolia and parents are no longer able to wait there. 

Early Pick-Up: If you are planning on picking up your students early from school, notify the office by 2:00pm. Call 651-776-5151 for preschool through 8th grade, and call 651-280-4589 for high school. After 2:00pm, staff are attending to students for end of day procedures and are unable to deliver messages to students. 

We discourage families from picking up their children ten or fifteen minutes before dismissal time. This is a valuable time when teachers are putting closure to the day and it is very distracting to the children when the classroom is receiving phone calls to have a student sent to the office. We want ALL of our students to receive the optimum learning environment and appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Further information regarding transportation can be found in the Community of Peace Academy Family Handbook