Update from CPA Executive Director

Dear CPA community,

All of us at Community of Peace Academy are shocked and saddened by the recent death of George Floyd. Sadness, outrage, and grief are emotions our entire community shares collectively.  And worse yet, George Floyd’s death is but the most recent of many examples of how very far we still have to go in our fight to dismantle institutionalized racism in our world today.

As a school community, we at CPA are committed to many ideals, including anti-racist practices, social justice, unconditional positive regard for all, and, of course, peace.

At times like this, when our community is tested by violence, we believe it is especially important that we all support each other and come together to peacefully battle hate and inequity.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any support you or your children need and we will do our best to help.  Here is a link to our social work website, if you need it.

Please stay safe and healthy and continue to care deeply for each other.

The entire staff of CPA