This page is the central location for all information related to CPA during the COVID-19 event. This page and the pages linked to it will be updated as necessary with the most current news, information and resources we have available.



CPA uses SchoolMessenger, an email and text messaging service that allows us to keep parents and guardians informed of important school information and alerts. Subscribing to SchoolMessenger with your smart phone is simple, and takes only a few seconds to complete. Simply text subscribe to the number 68453. You’ll know you were successful if you receive a confirmation message from SchoolMessenger. You can manage your SchoolMessenger account by visiting their web site and creating a log in. A SchoolMessenger app for your smart phone is also available. In order to receive SchoolMessenger text and email messages, CPA must have your mobile number and email address listed in our database. To update your mobile number and/or email address, or to confirm that we have your correct number and/or email address, call the Main Office at 651-280-4604 or email katys@cpapk12.org. Please note, CPA does not charge you for this service. However, we encourage families to check with their wireless carrier about charges that may be incurred for sending or receiving text messages.


Nurse’s Office

Our School Nurse has a web page available for recommended health information.


Social Work Services

The Social Work team at CPA is here to help. They have created a contact and resource page for our students and their families.


Support CPA Families

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed many aspects of daily life for all of us. We are all making sacrifices and coping with the continuously changing situation in which we find ourselves. For many students and families from Community of Peace Academy, the cancellation of school comes with another very scary change–limited access to nutritious food. As you may be aware, CPA has what we call our Angel Fund–money given by donors to assist our students in times of financial crisis. Right now, we are collecting donations for our Angel Fund that we can use to help provide nutrition support and other basic necessities for our students and their families who are struggling at this time. If you would like to make a contribution to CPA’s Angel Fund, you can do so through our donation page. Additionally, please spread the word to people in your life who may be looking for a way to help others during this global crisis. We thank you for your support in helping our students and their families during this difficult time. Donate Now!


Distance Learning Plan

Community of Peace Academy uses Distance Learning Days as a way to provide students with access to meaningful, high-quality learning and daily interaction with their teachers, using a variety of digital platforms and communication formats.


Technology Information


Tech Support For Students

Our technology department has a web page for information and support.