Support CPA

Why Donate to CPA?

Unlike traditional public schools, charter schools like CPA are not allowed to raise additional funds through local tax levies.  Philanthropic support from foundations, corporations and individual donors helps us maintain our high quality, successful educational programs.  

When you make a gift to CPA, you help preserve this tradition of excellence established by dedicated teachers and staff, support the learning of our current students, and honor the legacy of CPA’s talented alumni.  All donations to CPA are tax deductible. Community of Peace Academy is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Where Does My Donation Go?

When you make a gift to CPA, 100% of your contribution supports programs and activities that enhance the educational experience of the students we serve. Examples include:

  • Angel Fund: funds that directly and anonymously support CPA families with immediate needs such as food, clothing, and groceries.
  • Field Trips and Excursions: YMCA’s Camp Iduhapi, Eagle Bluff Environmental Center, STARBASE, Model United Nations, the Old Log Theatre and other destinations exposing students to the wonders of the outdoors, science, the arts and much more.
  • Class Retreats: Hosted by Youth Frontiers or CPA leadership, annual retreats that promote character development, ethics and peace-building.
  • Fine Arts and Athletics: Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) fall, winter and spring sports, the One Act Play, Drama and the spring play, and more.
  • Technology Integration: As a school committed to providing students with a 21st century learning experience, CPA utilizes philanthropic support to ensure each classroom is equipped with state of the art technology to support teaching and learning.
  • Early Childhood Education: Did you know that 90% of brain development occurs by age 5? Or, that 40% of Minnesota’s 4-year-olds are not prepared for kindergarten and on-track to be reading by grade 3? We did. That’s why CPA offers a tuition-free, all-day every-day, 4-Star Parent Aware-rated Preschool 4 Peace. Philanthropic support for this important but unfunded program helps our young learners establish a strong foundation in reading and math literacy, which sets them on course to experience success the rest of their lives.
  • College Readiness: CPA’s high school graduation and college acceptance rates are among the highest in the Minnesota. Philanthropic support is used to provide students with expertise, guidance, and outside of school support as they and their families navigate the college-preparatory process.

Ways to Give

Community of Peace Academy has a rich community of giving. From traditional donors such as individuals, foundations or corporations, to staff, parents, and even students!

There are a variety of ways you can support the mission and vision of CPA. Choose among the following methods that best suit you:

  • By snail mail
  • Online
  • Recurring Gift Program
  • Gift-in-Kind
  • Corporate Matching
  • Stock

Click here for detailed information about each specific giving option.

Here are some examples of how a gift of any size can help:

  • $10 can buy new books for our library
  • $25 can buy a school uniform for a student who can’t afford it
  • $50 can help re-stock school supplies for a classroom
  • $100 can buy a brand new textbook or digital textbook license
  • $200 can help buy a new iPad for our students
  • $250 can help send a classroom on an academically enriching field trip
  • $500 can send 2 teachers to a professional development conference
  • $1,995 honors CPA’s founding year, 1995

Please remember that gifts of all sizes are welcome. No gift is too small or big.

For more information about supporting Community of Peace Academy, please contact Sadie Fischer, Community Engagement Specialist, at 651-280-4564 or via email at sadief@cpa.charter.k12.mn.us.

There are many ways to support the mission and vision of Community of Peace Academy.

By Snail Mail

Write a personal check, made payable to Community of Peace Academy and mail your check to:

Attn: Community Engagement Specialist
Community of Peace Academy
471 Magnolia Avenue East
Saint Paul, MN 55130


Make a secure, electronic gift with your credit card by filling out the secure online giving form

Recurring Gift Program

If you want to contribute to CPA frequently and save time and money on postage, schedule a monthly or annual gift with your credit card by filling out the secure online giving form and select your preference in the “recurring” field. 


A gift-in-kind is an item, service or anything donated to CPA that is not cash, but still represents value to our school community. Popular items include school supplies, gift cards to local grocery and department stores, and gently used school uniforms.

Corporate Matching

Many companies and large corporations will double your gift by matching it! Check with your employer to see if they match gifts and how you can start taking advantage today!

Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving program that allows you to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to support your favorite causes. If you have a donor advised fund, DAF direct enables you to recommend grants to Community of Peace Academy directly from your donor advised fund (as long as your donor advised fund sponsoring organization is participating).

How does it work?

Establish your DAF by making an irrevocable, tax deductible donation to a public charity that sponsors a DAF program. Advise the investment allocation of the donated assets (any investment growth is tax free). Recommend grants to the charity you support (like Community of Peace Academy) with the option of being recognized or remaining anonymous.


A gift of stock or appreciated securities provide the donor with two tax benefits: (1) No capital gains tax is imposed on the ?long term? appreciated portion of the gift, and (2) You will be entitled to a charitable deduction equal to the fair market value of the stock/securities on the date of the gift.

Instructions for making a gift of Stock to CPA:

  • Donors: Notify Sadie Fischer at 651-280-4564 or sadief@cpa.charter.k12.mn.us with the name of the stock and the number of shares to be transferred. This notification is the only way CPA is able to identify the donor. Also, please contact your brokerage firm to inquire about the paperwork you must complete to make a stock donation to CPA.
  • Brokers: Please contact Paul Jackson with Scottrade at 651-690-5256 or 1-800-944-1995 to alert them of the stock transfer to CPA and receive DTC instructions.

For more information about supporting Community of Peace Academy, please contact Sadie Fischer, Community Engagement Specialist, at 651-280-4564 or via email at sadief@cpa.charter.k12.mn.us.