School Messenger

CPA uses a School Messenger, an email and text messaging service that allows us to keep parents and guardians informed of important school information and alerts.

Subscribing to School Messenger with your smart phone is simple, and takes only a few seconds to complete. Simply text subscribe to the number 68453. You’ll know you were successful if you receive a confirmation message from School Messenger.  

In order to receive School Messenger text messages, CPA must have your mobile number listed in our database. To update your mobile number, or to confirm that we have your number, call the PreK-6 Office at 651-280-4604, or the 7-12 Office at 651-280-4589.

Opting-Out: At any time, while listening to a phone message broadcast through SchoolMessenger, recipients can press “5” on their phone to initiate the opt-out process. After pressing 5, they will be given 3 choices:
• To unsubscribe from messages like these, please press 1
• To unsubscribe from all Non-Emergency messages, press 2
• To opt-out of all phone notifications, please press 3
Important: Opting-Out is done on a phone-by-phone basis and will only initiate a request for the phone
number upon which the recipient is currently receiving a message and following these prompts. They must
complete the process from every phone for which they wish to opt-out.

You can manage your School Messenger account by visiting their web site and creating a log in here. A School Messenger app for your smart phone is also available.

Please note, CPA does not charge you for this service. However, we encourage families to check with their wireless carrier about charges that may be incurred for sending or receiving text messages.

SchoolMessenger Quick Info


Text subscribe to the number 68453

SchoolMessenger Web Site and Account Manager Log In

Install SchoolMessenger on your iPhone App Link

Install SchoolMessenger on your Android App