Distance Learning Plan – ELD

ELD teachers at Community of Peace Academy will provide English Language Development Services primarily through academic content instruction as follows:

  • ELD teachers will be collaborators and co-teachers in Seesaw and Google Classroom for the teachers with whom they collaborate
  • In addition to feedback from academic content teachers for content work, English learners will receive feedback from their ELD teacher directly related to their English language use
  • Based on proficiency levels and student need, ELD teacher may provide additional ELD sepcific lessons, being mindful to not overload students with too many tasks
  • In grade levels in which ELD instruction is provided as a stand alone class, the ELD teacher will continue to provide instruction following the guidelines for content teachers in that particular school


Do we still need to serve English learners?

  • Yes. Community of Peace Academy is dedicated to providing for the academic and linguistic needs of multilingual students. Distance learning is a new medium of instruction for our students and educators, however we remain committed to collaboration between content and English Language Development teachers. Student proficiency levels will be considered in relationship to the amount of time students receive services from a licensed ELD teacher.  COmmunity of Peace Academy is committed to collaborative practices between academic content teachers and ELD teachers. ELD teachers will work collaboratively with licesned academic content teachers to ensure that English language learners have access to core content instruction.


What types of scaffolds can we provide to English learners?

  • Community of Peace Academy ELD teachers will provide scaffolds to support English language learners’ ability to access grade level academic content. These scaffolds will vary based on the student’s English proficiency level, home language, and developmental or grade level of the student. Scaffolds may include, but are not limited to, resources in the student’s home language, graphic organizers, adapted or modified versions of text, picture supports, and alternative assignments. ELD teachers will be mindful about and communicate with academic content teachers so that  English language learners are not overloaded with tasks and assignments in addition to the expected academic content of their grade level. 


What if students are not able to finish ACCESS testing?

  • All students at Community of Peace Academy completed ACCESS testing prior to March 13, 2020 and materials were shipped to DRC on March 12, 2020.


Can the English language development teacher provide credit-bearing content instruction via distance learning if they don’t have a license in the content area or if they are not collaborating with a licensed co-teacher?

  • No. English Language Development teachers at Community of Peace Academy do not provide credit-bearing content instruction in areas outside the scope of their teaching license.