May 29th is 7-12th Grade Locker Materials Pick-Up Day #2

7-12th grade students have a second chance to pick-up materials on Friday, May 29th from 10:00-3:00 at Door D.


** NOTE: PreK-6 students will pick up materials Tuesday, June 2nd.


Stressing the safety, health and well-being of all we ask that everyone adhere to the following procedures:

Preparation: Prior to coming to CPA write the First and Last Name(s) of your student(s) and their grade level(s) on a sheet of paper. 

*Note: Please understand that staff will only have access to lockers and classrooms for the schools listed above and their corresponding date and time.


  • When you arrive at CPA in your vehicle, pull-up to the school side of Desoto Street at DOOR D (High School Entrance).
  • If you are walking to school, please stand across the street from Door D, in front of the church. Respect social distancing and call your school principal to let them know you have arrived.  
  • Place the sheet of paper with your student(s) information on the passenger window for staff to read (DO NOT EXIT VEHICLE) or hold it in your hands.

  • Staff will radio into the building to gather your student(s) belongings from their locker(s) that will have already been placed into bags.
  • Your student(s) belongings will then be placed on the sidewalk outside your passenger door.
  • After staff have stepped away 1 person may exit from your vehicle to put the bag(s) in the trunk of your car or inside your vehicle.
  • Dropping off books not needed for classes that belong to CPA? Place them in the appropriate recycling bin on the curb.
  • When that person safely returns inside your vehicle you can drive away.