Junior Class Update 1/11/23

On January 11, 2023, Principal Carver sent a letter home to families of CPA Juniors. He wrote:


Happy 2023 CPA 11th Grade Families,

I hope the new year has begun well for all of you. January is moving quickly and we are approaching the end of the semester on the 20th of January. We have an exciting night filled with information and highlighting your student’s work. 

Your 11th grader is involved in a final project in Civics class with Ms. Han called the Citizenship Project. The Citizenship Project culminates all they have learned into a multi-tiered experience of what it takes to be an active citizen. Included is writing a letter to a changemaker (many were written to President Biden, Governor Walz, Representative Tina Smith, etc…). They also are doing a fair amount of research, learning how to cite sources and use the Modern Language Association’s (MLA) style format. Your student is now in the process of choosing an action that will educate others on their topic and issues. The Citizenship Project has been a tradition for juniors at CPA. We are looking forward to continuing this effort.  

We will be hosting a College Knowledge Night which will highlight your student’s Citizenship Project on January 18th from 5pm – 7pm in the RGA. The junior class will share their Citizenship Projects with members of the community. This is a required part of the project. The students will be staying after school on January 18 from dismissal until 7pm. 

College Knowledge Night will also feature representatives from many Colleges and Universities and other college readiness resources so that you and your junior can explore options after high school. We will have representatives and staff able to set your student up for 2024. 

I hope to see you there. 

Thank you again for being a part of the CPA community.


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