Distance Learning Plan – High School (Grades 9 – 12)

High School students will be learning through Google Classroom


Student Expectations

  • Login to Google Classroom each day.
  • Check for new assignments each day for each class.
  • Complete assignments for each class by the due date.
  • Communicate with your teachers through Google Classroom or gmail if you have questions.
  • Take care of the laptop you are using that belongs to the school.


Family Expectations

  • Check in with your child to make sure they can log in to Google Classroom.
  • Help your child as needed.
  • Contact the teacher with any questions. 
  • Make sure your child completes their work.
  • Email your child’s 2nd Period teacher if your child is sick or unable to do the work for the day.
  • Help your child take care of the school laptop.


Teacher Expectations

  • Post daily assignments on Google Classroom.
  • Submit daily attendance.
  • Be available to students and families with office hours as determined by each teacher via email, phone call or Google Classroom.



Students in the High School will receive “credit” or “no credit” for the second semester of the 2019/2020 school year.
  • Credit: A student will receive “Credit” for a course during Distance Learning if they have demonstrated that they have made an effort to participate in Distance Learning.
  • No Credit: A student will receive “No Credit” for a course during distance learning if staff have been unable to connect with student(s) to document that students tried to do any learning through devices, phone/email check-in, and/or paper packets.
  • Unweighted: This grading format will not be weighted and will not impact a student’s grade point average (GPA).

    NOTE: High school students who receive a “No Credit” will be eligible to participate in credit recovery and earn a “Credit” through Alternative Learning Centers (ALC) and/or Summer School options through Saint Paul Public Schools.

Click here for a letter from the High School Principal Tim McGowan in English, Spanish, and Hmong on grading during Distance Learning.



  • Contact the classroom teacher with any questions pertaining to Google Classroom and assignments. 
  • Technology problems? Start troubleshooting here: Distance Learning Documents 
  • Still having problems? Send an email or a text to helpdesk@cpapk12.org
  • Principal: Tim McGowan @ 651-280-4583