Character Education Program High School

It is our mission that Community of Peace graduates will commit themselves to meet the challenges posed by life in the multicultural world of the 21st century with confidence, compassion, intelligence, and a positive regard for all.  To this end, character education is embedded into all aspects of the educational program.

Developmental Designs, which begins in our Middle School program, continues to be used throughout CPA High School.  This approach emphasizes relationship-building, social skill development, and meaningful engagement, in order that students are safe, connected, responsible, and engaged in learning.  One aspect of Developmental Designs is Circle of Power and Respect during which students circle up, greet each other respectfully, share what is happening in their lives, and engage in team-building activities. During circle, every students is seen, heard and acknowledged.

During the high school years, students begin to have vision beyond themselves, and a growing awareness of their power to impact their communities and the broader society.  The Ethics curriculum, described in greater detail in the Academic section, is a starting point for this exploration. Retreats and Service Learning afford additional opportunity for self-development.