Distance Learning Plan – Elementary School (Grades PreK – 4)

PreKindergarten through 3rd Grade students will be learning through the Seesaw app.  Fourth Grade students will be learning through Google Classroom.  


Student Expectations:

  • Login to Seesaw (PreK-Gr. 3) or Google Classroom (Gr. 4) each school day. 
  • Check Seesaw (PreK-Gr. 3) or Google Classroom (Gr. 4) each day for any activities teachers assign.
  • Do your best to complete activities from teachers and will post work in Seesaw (PreK-Gr. 3) or Google Classroom (Gr. 4).
  • Communicate with teachers through Seesaw (PreK-Gr. 3) or Google Classroom (Gr. 4) if you need help. 
  • Ask my family to help me with activities if you need help.  
  • Take care of any device (laptop or iPad) that you are using from our school. 


Family Expectations:

  • Help your child log-in to Seesaw (PreK-Gr. 3) or Google Classroom (Gr. 4) each school day if needed.  
  • Help my child with learning activities if they need help. 
  • Email the teacher with any questions about the activities. 
  • Make sure your child completes their activities.
  • Email your child’s teacher if your child is sick or unable to do the daily work.
  • Help my child take care of any device (laptop or iPad) they are using that belongs to the school.



  • New activities and assignments are posted everyday Monday-Friday and students should be logging in to Seesaw or Google Classroom everyday.
  • Teachers take attendance everyday at 9:00AM for the previous day. For example, Tuesday attendance is taken at 9:00AM Wednesday. At that time, if a student had not participated in any of Tuesday’s activities, they are marked absent for Tuesday. If your student cannot participate in a day’s
    learning activities, you need to contact your child’s teacher.
  • If your student is absent on a Distance Learning Day, their attendance will be marked as Unexcused. It is the responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian to request that absences are excused through communication with the student’s teacher or our liaisons: Spanish (espanol): Luis Regalado @ 651-289-3742 or Hmong (hais lus hmoob): MaiKao Lee @ 651-280-4545.


Teacher Expectations:

  • Post daily assignments to Seesaw or Google Classroom by 8:00 AM.
  • Take and submit daily attendance. 
  • Be available to students and families during regular school hours (7:30am-3:00pm) by phone, email or online platform (Seesaw and Google Classroom).



  • There will be no Grades or Semester 2 Report Cards for the last half of the 2019/2020 school year
  • Each student will receive a Quarter 4 Progress Report
  • Purpose of Quarter 4 Progress Reports: Communicate student progress and achievement levels with families & mentors in a way that is clear and helps families understand their child’s areas of strength and areas for development against grade-level standards and benchmarks of development while “holding all children harmless.”
  • For each subject area teachers will share:
    1. Strengths and areas of demonstrated growth for each student
    2. Areas for improvement for each student
  • If a student receives a “NE” that means not evaluated because insufficient work was submitted
Click here for a letter from the Elementary Principal Molly Huml in English, Spanish, and Hmong on grading during Distance Learning.