Academic Program Elementary

At CPA Elementary, students receive instruction in literacy, mathematics, and social studies from their classroom teachers, while a designated specialist teachers push into the classroom to provide instruction in Science and Technology. Music, Art, Health and Wellness, and Physical Education specialist classes enhance the educational program, while field trips and service learning projects at each grade level connect learning in the classroom to the broader world.  

Personalization is the hallmark of our literacy and math program. Whole group instruction is supported by small group, differentiated instruction to ensure that each student is supported and challenged. Teacher teams meet weekly to review student performance and plan instruction accordingly.  Parents are updated on student progress regularly.  

Our Social Studies curriculum is interactive and engaging, allowing students to interact with the personalities, places, and events that structured our nation and our world.  Students learn to be both keen observers of, and informed participants in their communities, their nation and their world. Historically accurate instructional materials honor the voices and contributions of all.

In our inquiry-based science program, students develop knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas and learn how scientists study the natural world. The learning process begins with gathering information through human senses — seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. Students are encouraged to question, conduct research for genuine reasons, and make discoveries on their own, and document their observations and conclusions through academic writing.

At CPA we are preparing our students for an inter-connected, global 21st Century world. To this end, state of the art technology equipment – SMARTBoards, iPads, laptops and more – enhances teaching and learning across all content areas. In addition, during designated technology instruction led by  a technology specialist teacher, students solve problems, communicate ideas, create and innovate using the latest technology tools, software and applications.