CPA’s Safe Return to School Plan

Here at Community of Peace Academy, when we consider the options for school in the fall of 2021, we always keep our mission front of mind. At CPA, we are charged with fostering academic excellence and character development through the education of the whole person – mind, body and will.

As of now, in order to care for the whole person – students, staff and families – we have decided to begin the year in an in-person model.

We will be weekly reassessing and taking Minnesota Department of Education and Minnesota Department of Health advice. With that advice we will continually reassess which phase of our return to school plan we are in as we move towards the school year. At this point we are predicting that we will start the year in Phase 7.

Please revisit our Safe Return to School Plan below. It may be that we are in a different phase in the Fall than we are predicting, but we are all waiting to hear updates from the Governor, the legislature, the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Health.



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